7 Ways to Think Differently

I just love the simplicity and effectiveness of this technique from Thinkpak by Michael Michalko it’s a great way to break through a creative block.

In order to think creatively you have to break out of your habitual way of thinking and produce a wide variety of fresh thoughts that lead to new insights, original ideas, and creative solutions to problems….

Everything new is just an addition to or a modification of something that already exists. Whenever you want to create a new idea, product, service process, breakthrough, or whatever you need, Thinkpak will help you take your subject and change it into something else. Alex Osborne, (who invented the term “Brainstorming) was a pioneer teacher of creativity, first identified the nine principle ways of manipulating a subject. They were later arranged by Bob Eberle into the mnemonic SCAMPER:

  • Substitute something.

  • Combine it with something else.

  • Adapt something to it.

  • Modify or Magnify it.

  • Put it to some other use

  • Eliminate something.

  • Reverse or Rearrange it.