The Design-Story Journey.

What you want to achieve.

Design is a vision of the future, different from today. We will listen to your brief, to your dreams and your aspirations. We will help you develop your ideas into a New Design-Story.

Defining the project brief.

The project brief is the statement of what you want to achieve, your new Design-Story. We will audit what you have, what your resources are, what external obstacles there are, what internal obstacles there are and what constraints exist in order to achieve your Goals. We will advise on the best strategies or directions that are appropriate for you to get to your Goal (and a little beyond).


We will guide you through the design development process and recommend solutions best suited to you. We will bring flexibility of thinking and versatility in design

The Plan.

We will prepare a plan and a strategy of how to get from where you are, to where you want to be.


We will prepare all the information to implement the design intentions and will prompt you when you need to take action. We will also prompt you when to avoid actions.


We will stand by you during the whole process to ensure that achieve your goals.

Avoiding failure.

We will warn you, when appropriate, about what is at stake if you don’t implement the design plan.

We will get you from where you are… to where you dreamed you might be!”